The planning of a funeral takes a special person to understand while keeping within a certain budget. Today, the cost to lay a loved one to rest can and does affect families financially. The cost of a funeral continues to increase daily.

When a loved one passes, it is a difficult time in a family’s life as for the many decisions that must be made. These decisions very from cremation, immediate burial, church services, traditional service and the list goes on. Many families only go to one place thinking this is the only option. Unfortunately, this happens every day.

Educating families before they go to set up the arrangements concerning each service is vital to save thousands during a very difficult time. This allows families the knowledge to understand the breakdown of a package deal offered vs. purchasing only the services they want.

“II was skeptical when I started reading the information, but I can honestly say it was a great decision. I saved thousands during a hard time. Thank you so much! Susan, TX

“Truly a blessing to know the ins and outs of a very emotional industry.” Stanley, AZ

“Our family recently lost a loved one. I explained to my husband that I read some great information. We ended up saving more than we could have known about by reading your book. I can only say thanks!”
Betty, KS