Customer Testimonials


I was skeptical when I started reading the information, but I can honestly say it was a great decision. I saved thousands during a hard time. Thank you so much! Susan, TX

After reading the contents, I learned so much and was prepared to make the arrangements. We saved over $3000.00 alone on the casket just by shopping around. Would recommend highly for any family that is about to or is going through this difficult time. Clarey, GA

Our family recently lost a loved one. I explained to my husband that I read some great information. We ended up saving more than we could have known about by reading your book. I can only say thanks! Betty, KS

How do I even start? I lost a loved one and was a train wreck during the service but understood more about all the charges that go with a funeral because of you. God bless. Tom, OH

Our family visited a funeral home to make our grandmothers pre-arrangements. We were blown away at the prices and all the confusing language. We spoke later that night and knew that we were missing something. After reading the contents, we headed back up to the funeral home and AMAZINGLY the price decreased for the same service when we started asking questions that you cover. We ended up saving over $2,700.00. “Thank you”! Matt, MT

Truly a blessing to know the ins and outs of a very emotional industry. Stanley, AZ

Thanks for creating such a great reference that showed me how to save money on my loved one’s funeral with knowledge that was needed so badly. I am very lucky to have run across your book. Glenda, TX

Hello, I wanted to let you know that your book is a total inspiration. Our family saved over $3,750.00 on our loved one’s service. Terri, TN

I am absolutely amazed at ways to save thousands when it comes to a service. Elizabeth, UT